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Records Storage at Embassy RMS

There are a lot of things that go into records storage. From getting your items to the storage facility to digging through every box to find the file that you need, it can be a daunting task. Embassy RMS has an excellent records storage system that takes all of the stress off of you! From our exceptional customer service to our easy-to-use online portal, Embassy’s records storage system is by far the best solution for all of your storage woes.

First, you decide what items you want to be stored. We can store anything that fits into a box, but for this example, let’s say that you are storing files. So you will label each file with your own system (can be client names, numbers, animal names, anything as long as you know which label identifies which file) and place it into a box along with other labeled files. Each box needs to be barcoded with a sticker that we will provide so that we can keep track of the box within our warehouse. Each box barcode is then added into our online portal system with a description (“2015 last names A, B, C”) so that it will become easily searchable for you.

Knowing which files are in which box are your responsibility, but we can help make that easier too! Most clients have a spreadsheet that has each box number with specifically what it has in it. For example, Box #02758473 can have the description of “2015 last names A, B, C” in the online system, but in your spreadsheet each specific client/folder that is from 2015 with a last name beginning with A, B, or C would be labeled as being in Box #02758473.

Once the boxes are at our facility, they are scanned into our system and stored in our secure warehouse until you request a file or a box. Requesting items is made extremely simple through the use of our online portal. Simply log in and search for the item you’re looking for and request the item for pick-up or drop-off! Once you’re ready for the file to be put back into storage, we will handle that too!

If you’re ready to sign up for our records storage service or have more questions about it, give us a call at 979.776.3500 or visit our website for more info!

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