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Onsite Shredding vs. Offsite Shredding

Whenever you call our team at Embassy RMS to schedule a time for us to come get your shred, we will give you two options (depending on your location) - onsite shredding or offsite shredding. The difference between these two services are fairly simple, but often can get confused. Today we're going to walk you through the similarities and differences between these two great services.

Let's start with similarities. Both onsite and offsite shredding services are a means of safely and securely destroy your documents and keep your information secure. For both services, one of our certified and uniformed employees will meet you at your location to retrieve your documents. After your documents have been destroyed, a certificate of destruction can be provided for both services.

Now for the differences. Some customers get mixed up on what we mean by on or off site. Basically this means do you want the shredding to take place at your location or ours?

For onsite shredding, our employee will come retrieve your documents, take them to the mobile shred truck within walking distance of your location, and shred your documents right then and there. This service option provides you with the opportunity to see your files being shredded. This service option is great for businesses who need to see the shredding process.

For offsite shredding, our employee will come get your files, take them back to our facility, and they will be shredded at our NAID certified facility. You can still get a certificate of destruction for this service, but you will not be able to witness the shredding process. The files remain in a locked company vehicle until they reach our facility, where they will be placed in our secure staging area within our monitored building until shredded.

We hope that this has helped to clarify the differences between onsite shredding and offsite shredding. If you have questions or want to schedule a shred, give us a call at 979-776-3500. We would love to talk with you about how you can keep your business or home secure by shredding unnecessary confidential documents.

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