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How To Avoid Visual Information Theft

Visual hacking is where someone either takes a picture of information or sees it and memorizes it. This type of information breach is extremely common, and we're here to help you avoid it!! Here are some great methods for avoiding visual information theft!

1. Use privacy screens. Installing a privacy filter on your computer allows only the person in direct view of the computer screen to view the information on it.

2. Rearrange the office. Set up all office spaces in a way that the employee can easily control who sees what is on their desk or monitor. The best way to do this is have employees sit with a wall behind them so that no one can be behind them and stealing their info.

3. Get rid of the clutter. Encourage your employees to keep a clean work space. That means not having a desk covered in documents. Having less papers on your desk reduces the risk that someone could swipe a paper off of your desk without you noticing.

4. Have a shred program in place. Not having extra documents hanging around the office is a great way to reduce information breach risk! Employees can place documents into a locked bin or console and they will be shredded by a secure company like Embassy RMS!

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