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Work Place Dangers

As the world becomes increasingly technologically based, it is important to regularly evaluate the safety and security of the information handled by your business. Today we are going to look at some major work place security risks and how you can limit the risk for your business.

Lazy Print Habits. How many times have you sent something to the printer and waited to get it? We all have done this, but we also all know that information on paper is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. So how do we negate the risk of someone grabbing our prints before we can get them? It's simple really, go get your paper immediately after sending it to the printer. This will reduce the chance of your information getting into the wrong hands!

Unsecured Passwords. Just because you are using a company computer does not mean that you shouldn't worry about how safe your password is. If your password is "password" or "12345" or even "password98765", CHANGE IT. Change it right now. I'm serious, minimize this tab and change your dang password.

E-mail. I was recently having dinner with some friends who work in real estate. They were talking about the sheer mass of phishing scam emails that they get and how they have learned over time to double and triple check the email before doing anything with it. My advice and reminder to you all is to take the time to read all emails and the addresses that they came from before you follow any instructions to wire money or send information.

Messy Office Space. Clutter is to an office as burglary is to a bank. Just kidding...sort of. Having excess papers and prototypes laying around the office is asking for someone to grab that important paper off of your desk. And chances are, you won't even notice because your desk is covered in paper!! A great way to avoid this particular work place hazard is to keep a clean desk and lock any important documents in a file cabinet or drawer when you leave your desk.

Recycling Instead of Shredding. Recycling is a very good thing, but not when it comes to confidential documents. If you and your employees are placing important documents into a recycling bin, you are in danger. A great solution to this is using a third party shred company (like Embassy RMS) to safely and securely destroy your documents. You will place them into a locked bin in your office and one of our certified, uniformed employees will come on schedule to service your bin. BONUS: we recycle all of our shredded paper!! We will even keep track of the quantity of paper shredded by your business so that you can track your environmental footprint!

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