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Burning Documents

I know that it may seem easier to burn your boxes of documents than to schedule a shred pickup or bring them to our facility, but let's take a look at how burning documents could potentially lead to information breach (or a burned down building).

I remember growing up, we always had a burn pile on our land. It was mostly for wood that my dad couldn't use anymore, but occasionally we would burn old business records at the end of their retention periods. I remember more than a few times, papers would escape and blow away in the wind and we would have to chase them down. Now these records weren't confidential by any means, but had they been the business would have been in major trouble.

It is essential to your business' reputation to have your records destroyed completely and securely. As a business owner, you cannot leave anything like this to chance. Having even the smallest risk of an information breach is simply unacceptable.

The safest and smartest way to dispose of records that have reached the end of their retention period is to use a third-party shred service. At Embassy RMS, we will pick up your documents from your home or business and either shred them in front of you or at our NAID Certified plant. Another option is to drop your shred documents off at our location and we will shred them! As a AAA NAID Certified business, you can be confident that your documents will be completely and securely destroyed - it's what we do!

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