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Beating The Heat

My roommate just told me that our A/C is out and won't be fixed until tomorrow, and it's the first official day of SUMMER, which got me thinking about ways to beat this Texas heat this summer! Let's look at some ideas.

Play in the sprinklers. I don't know about y'all, but growing up my sister and I loved to spend our summer days running through the sprinklers. We also would get the trampoline wet and put dish soap on it for a jumpy slip & slide (I don't recommend that, it's super dangerous).

Make some lemonade. There's something about homemade lemonade that just screams "summer" to me. Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic today for my childhood, but I have so many great memories of summers with ice cold lemonade.

Homemade ice cream. This is the perfect addition to a cookout or family day! Kids will be enthralled with the progress of the freezing liquid and everyone will get a sweet cold treat to end the hot day!

Go to the pool. This one might seem obvious, but I really think that a good old fashioned pool day is underrated. Get you some lemonade and sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful day!

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