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I'm ready to store my boxes, but how will I know which one has which file in it?

This is an issue that a lot of our clients run into. Once your records are in our secure warehouse, you can request files or whole boxes on our online client portal. However, if you need a certain file but aren't sure which box it is in, you will run into a problem.

One way to prevent this is to index your files prior to storing them with us. Simply create a spreadsheet with the box number (we provide barcodes with the box number on them) in one column, and a description of what is in the box in another column. This second column can include dates, last name ranges, department names, or anything else . You can send this to us and we can import it into our system, or you can use it to find the correct box that you want to request!

Another way to go about indexing your files is to have us do it. Our trained staff members will go through each box, recording each file reference and box number. We will then import it into our online system and send you a copy for your own reference.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team about records storage or indexing, you can fill out our online contact form here, or call us at (800) 717-1445.

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