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Identity theft prevention: Shredding vs. scanning - Embassy RMS

Identity theft is an issue for individuals and businesses. Nothing is off limits to thieves who will steal information and use it to create fake identities or sell it to make a profit.

Unfortunately, private information remains highly valuable to criminals. Paper shredding and electronic document management systems are two options that reduce identity theft.

Paper Shredding

The simplest and easiest ways information is stolen is from physical records. Whether records are stolen right from the office, from the trash, or if an employee accidentally leaves paperwork somewhere, information contained on physical files is easy to access.

Benefits of Shredding Files
Shredding your documents ensures a thief can never steal your information. Benefits of using a shredding service include:
  • Ensuring information in physical files is indecipherable

  • Frees up company storage space

  • Simplifies your filing system

  • Certificate of Destruction form

Electronic Document Management Systems

Opting for an electronic document management system allows for all your important data to be converted to a digital format. When stored and backed up properly, and when under complex password protection, digital files are safe. If your business takes the time to invest in a cybersecurity strategy to protect your digital files, online document storage can be a reliable, safe, and cost-effective storage and security solution.

Benefits of Electronic Document Management
  • Physical files cannot be breached

  • Backup copies of files can easily be made to ensure data integrity

  • Cost of storage is cheap

  • A variety of security measures exist and can easily by updated/upgraded

Why choose Embassy RMS?

Embassy RMS provides NAID AAA Certified shredding services for businesses and residences across Texas. Whether