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Document scanning services

Are you looking to digitize some files or boxes from around your business or home office? Outsourcing these services oftentimes yield a much higher quality final product and the turnaround is usually a fraction of the time it takes to image in house. Our OCR imaging service rendered a searchable PDF product with ease of searching key words or phrases.

Many clients that we encounter file rooms full of older documents that need imaging. The big question always is: How much does it cost to scan a box? The answer to this question really depends on two factors. What is the prep time and how would you like your scanned images indexed and named. Once these two topics are discussed we can turn those documents into searchable digital documents.

Another factor is what in your file inventory is truly permanent? Permanent files are optimally digitized and uploaded to the cloud or your server. A more economic option for non-permanent files is to store them till they reach end of life or the retention date and then confidentially shred them by utilizing a shredding service. This is typically a very affordable box storage option when trying to convert file rooms into working office space.

Permanent files should be scanned or imaged by a reputable NAID certified imaging company. Each file is converted into a PDF file that is searchable like a Microsoft Word document. Attempting to scan hundreds of files in house can become overwhelming and costly. Our Embassy scanners use cutting edge imaging software to “clean up” old or damaged documents to bring them back to original form. Having employees take on imaging responsibilities can be a great option if you have the right employees in place. We have taken over projects throughout the years for clients when a project is started and then never completed. Typically, this occurs due to the client’s staff not “caring” like a professional imaging service would be.

Again, scanning a large quantity of boxes can become very costly so a combination of storage and imaging may be a right fit for your business. We run into clients regularly whose budget is not prepared to take on a large scanning project. We offer service plans where we scan a certain number of boxes per month that fit into your budget. Your organization does not have to scan everything all at once. Chip away at imaging those permanent files over time to save money long term.

How to store scanned files?

We recommend hosting scanned files onto your server or to a cloud based back up system. We typically save all scanned files per project to a large capacity external hard drive and either hand deliver or FedEx it to your office once the project has been completed. All files are searchable and easily accessible and shareable throughout the office.

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