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ODD document types you should be shredding but may never have thought about

This is a compilation of several ODD document types you should be shredding but may never have thought about.

Today is Earth Day 2021. Paper shred and recycle those confidential documents!

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Paper shred by a local shredding company takes the worry away.

Boarding passes

Boarding passes like other secure paper documents have very sensitive and personal information contained within them. We work with several local travel agents for their shredding needs and they echo the same sentiment. Shred paper boarding passes!! Boarding passes reveal who you are. They reveal where you are going and oftentimes reveal your frequent flier totals and account numbers. You must shred paper with that type of sensitive information on it. Same goes for expired passports and drivers licenses.

Your pet medical records have your personal information on them.

We shred paper for tons of veterinary clinics throughout central Texas. Each medical file created (or added to) has your name and data associated with it. Every time “Spot” has a checkup you need to paper shred all documents printed out. Paper shred it after that medical appointment.

Are you in the market for a new job? Resumes are full of confidential and sensitive data.

Resumes contain every type of contact information about you. They also typically include contact information of businesses you have worked for in the past. They contain your home address and your phone number as well as your email address. An identity thief can learn a lot about your personal information from a resume. Shred that paper ASAP.

Prescriptions and prescription labels.

Prescription labels contain protected health information. Some labels contain your address as well as you name. The list the pharmacy as well. Thieves can refill prescriptions if they het their hands on these documents. Paper shred and prescriptions after they have been filled or exhausted. We can also shred those pill bottles at Embassy Records Management and Storage.

Receipts have signatures on them.

Receipts typically contain partial numbers of your credit card information. Another common practice for thieves is to use your paid receipts to receive store credit on false return items. Shred paper receipts after they have been reconciled.

Children’s Medical Records

We can’t overstate the importance of a minor’s medical records. Minors are a huge target of identity thieves. Children are often the target of Credit Card scammers. It can be years and years of credit card and credit debt if this type of identity thief is successful. As adults, we are aware of criminal activity related to our credit pretty quickly. Children have no way of finding out until they are young adults and are attempting to open a credit card account or build their credit. It takes years to get your