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Secure Paper Shredding Services

Embassy RMS provides NAID AAA Certified shredding services for businesses and residences across Texas. Whether you have confidential paper records, hard drives, or a large purge of papers, we customize a shredding and destruction solution to fit your needs. We offer multiple destruction services:

One-Time Paper Shredding
Routinely Scheduled Paper Shredding
Hard Drive & Media Destruction

No matter which service you need, we guarantee a secure destruction of your documents that protect you from identity theft and business fraud. Our state-of-the-art NAID Certified destruction equipment shreds your information into unrecognizable particles—whether it comes in the form of paper documents or electronic media. After confidential data is securely destroyed it is recycled.

One Time Shredding

One-time shredding services are great for large volumes or periodic clean-ups. Our NAID certified employees arrive at your home or business and destroy your documents using our mobile shred vehicles in your presence, allowing you to witness the destruction process. We can also pick up the documents and bring them back to our secure plant-based shredding facility. Both of these services are NAID certified and after completion, you can receive a certificate of destruction.

Routinely Scheduled Paper Shredding

For companies with continuous shredding and document destruction needs, Embassy RMS offers free, locking shred containers,  for the utmost convenience and time savings. These containers can be placed throughout your facility for document disposal. The different container options can be found here. It is not required to remove staples or paperclips, as our advanced industrial shredding machines can shred right through them! When enrolled in our mobile shredding service, customers are visited as scheduled by a uniformed Embassy RMS staff member for onsite mobile shredding or offsite shredding depending on customer preference. These routine shreds can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or however often they are needed. Each of these services are NAID certified and a certificate of destruction can be provided upon service completion. Click here to learn more about the difference between onsite and offsite shredding. 

For companieswit continuous shredding and document detruction needs, Embassy can provide a solution fo you.

Shred Bin

The 65 gallon bin holds approximately 200 lbs.

Dimensions: 41.5"H x 22.5"W x 28.25"D 

The shred bin has a locking lid to keep your documents secure until the time of destruction.

Shred Console

Our shred console blends well into commercial environments. With a smaller footprint than our larger shred bin, space won't be an issue. The 35 gallon capacity holds approximately 80-100 pounds.

Dimensions: 35”H  x 19”W  x 16”D

The shred console comes with a locking door.

In this service, customers can bring sensitive material to our NAID certified facility, and we will destroy the material at our site. Our drop-off hours are from 8:00 AM- 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Due to security and liability concerns, we do not provide witnessed destruction to walk-in customers*. Your material will be destroyed within 24 hours and a certificate of destruction is available for this service.

*If you would like to witness the destruction process we can provide mobile shredding at your home or business.

Plant Based Shredding

Paper Shredding & Media Destruction: News
One Time Shredding
Ongoing Document Shredding
Container Options
Plant Based Shredding
Hard Drive & Media Destruction

Embassy provides secure media and hard drive destruction services to individuals, business, and organizations. The materials are permanently destroyed and non-recoverable. A certificate of destruction is available for this service. These services are available for a wide range of products including the following: Disks, DVDs, backup tapes, film, photos, badges, pill bottles, credit cards, videotapes, CDs, hard drives, counterfeit products, floppy disk, motherboards, and many additional items.

Hard Drive and Media Destruction

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