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Guaranteed secure storage of well cores and cuttings.

Through our Geological Core & Cutting Storage service, you will be able to securely store and conveniently view your core and cuttings in purpose-built storage and viewing facilities with proper equipment, lighting, and furnishings. With an onsite laboratory and viewing area, Embassy RMS has everything needed to store and set up samples for viewing. We are 100+ miles inland from the coast, so there is little to no impact from hurricanes or any of the after-effects of hurricanes and other tropical storms. Our environment is much drier than the Houston area, which provides us a better ambient storage for your cores and cuttings. The Embassy Team are able and willing to provide clients with the best service for core and cutting storage and management and our clients appreciate the extra effort we put forth.


Our services include:

  • Secure transportation of samples

  • Secure storage in our NAID certified facility

  • Specially trained personnel to facilitate the viewing of cores and other geological samples 

  • Indexing of records at the box level

  • Specialized software (Client Portal) for geological asset tracking and management 



The benefits of utilizing this service include:

  • Preservation of samples for later viewing

  • Convenient access to samples

  • Onsite laboratory and viewing center

  • Maximization of office space and budget



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