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Shredding Options

Here at Embassy Records Management and Storage, we have a few document destruction options for you to choose from.

Our first and most cost-efficient option is the plant-based shred. In this service, customers can bring sensitive material to our NAID certified facility, and we will destroy the material at our site. Our drop-off hours are from 8:00 AM- 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Due to security and liability concerns, we do not provide witnessed destruction to walk in customers. Your material will be destroyed within 24 hours and a certificate of destruction is available for this service.

The second shred option is the onsite shred. Whether you’re using us to shred a large volume of documents or you have a recurring schedule, onsite shredding is a great option. With this service, one of our certified employees will arrive at your home or business in uniform and destroy your documents using our mobile shred vehicles in your presence, allowing you to witness the destruction process. This service is NAID certified and after completion, you can receive a certificate of destruction.

Our third and final shred option is the offsite shred. This option is best for clients who want the convenience of the onsite shred, but do not need to witness the destruction of their documents. We will come to your site to retrieve the documents, then take them back to our NAID certified plant to shred them. This service is NAID certified and a certificate of destruction can be provided upon service completion.

If you have any questions or are ready to set up a schedule with us, give us a call at 979.776.3500!

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