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Take Those Boxes Out Of Storage (then put them back in)

A lot of businesses who don't have room for their old records load storage units with boxes. This is a great solution for some companies, but what happens when you need to get to that one file and you don't know which box it's in or where that box is? It would take hours to search through every single box... is there a better option??? YES!! Companies that trust Embassy RMS to handle their records storage have less to worry about and save a ton of time when they need a particular record!!

At Embassy RMS, our storage experts will work with you to create a solution for your space and storage issues! We are a AAA NAID certified facility, meaning that your records are safe with us and will remain confidential.

When you store with Embassy, you will input the contents of each box into our online portal. We will then pick up all of your boxes and take them to our warehouse (featuring 24/7 surveillance). When you need a record or a box, simply log into the portal and request it! We will bring it to you or you can come pick it up!

If you would like a tour and a more in-depth explanation of the storage process, call and schedule a tour with us! We would love to work with you! (800) 717-1443

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