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Second-hand Technology

Recently the National Association for Information Destruction published an article about a study they did on the dangers of reselling your devices. They found that 40% of second-hand devices held accessible Personal Identifiable Information. What this means, is that your smart phone, tablet and hard drive hold personal information such as credit card numbers, tax information, physical navigation history, usernames and passwords, and other personal data. The study was done utilizing only simple information extraction, things that you or I could easily do. Imagine how much data they could have found if they were more in depth!!

This study is the perfect example of why we all need to be destroying hard drives and wiping our phones and tablets before we get rid of them. Resetting a phone is fairly simple and helps to protect your information. If you are replacing your phone or tablet or getting rid of an old computer, please make sure to reset the phone and tablet and remove the hard drive from the computer.

At Embassy, we securely destroy hard drives so that no information can be taken from it. If you or your business has hard drives, give us a call and we will come and destroy them. Our NAID certified hard drive destruction service guarantees the safety of your information.

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