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Protecting Your Documents From Weather

Texas weather is unpredictable, we all know it. Sometimes it will not rain for 5 weeks and sometimes it feels like it hasn't stopped storming for a month. In College Station, it's a joke that Texas A&M students need to always have an umbrella in their backpack because even on the sunniest days, a downpour could come out of nowhere!

Whether you live in College Station where it rains all of the time or in an area where you hardly see rain, you need to be prepared for whatever weather could come. If you store your records at home in an area with potential to flood or in a storage facility, your records are at risk of weather damage and destruction. Are you willing to risk the safety and security of your business?

Our facility is equipped not only to keep your documents safe from any catastrophes that may strike your business, but it is also completely secure. We keep your valuable information safe from getting into the wrong hands. Locked behind access points that are only accessible by employees that have been background checked and administered a security badge, your records will be monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day for as long as we store them in our facility. You just can’t get any safer than that.

So before disaster strikes, give us a call at (800) 717-1443 to learn more about our secure records storage.

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