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Saving & Going Green With Records Storage

Research and experience proves that going green is both beneficial to the environment and the budget. For example, participating in conference calls instead of driving or flying to clients and partners both saves money and helps reduce pollution!

Here are some additional ways to save money and support a healthy environment.

1. Minimize paper usage. Keeping records digitized will reduce the headache of finding a specific document in a less-than-perfect records storage in-house system and reduce the amount of paper used. Another great method of reducing paper usage is sending memos via email or phone!

2. Use an effective storage system for active records. We'll get to inactive records in a minute, but first let's talk about the ones that you access on a regular basis. If you're going to keep these files in your office, you will need a secure and efficient storage system. We recommend high density storage and double checking to make sure that your file boxes are filled to capacity. Don't forget to send those boxes back into storage once they become inactive!!

3. Use off-site storage for inactive records. Offsite records storage is a great cost effective solution for records storage. And with Embassy being a local company, environmental impact for retrieving and delivering files is minimized! Give us a call at (800) 717-1443 to chat with us about creating a custom records storage program for you!

4. Organize a day of "giving back" to the Earth. It's a fact that we expect a lot from our Earth. We exploit its resources, so why not give a little back? A great idea that will also be great for marketing for your business is to have a day or week where everyone does something for the environment. Whether it be being sure to recycle as much as possible, or planting a tree, making a move towards a more positive and healthy environment is a fantastic way to support our Earth.

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