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How does paying for shredding save me money?

Companies like us claim to save you money by having you pay for a service... so how is that saving you any money? I'll show you!

Imagine with me for a moment that you have a business where each employee has a to-be-shredded box in their office for papers that are confidential or contain customer information. You have two choices for "free" shredding - have one employee manually shred everyone's documents or have each employee shred their own documents. Now this might seem like a cheaper option to having one bin or console in your office and paying a company like Embassy to come out and shred it all, but let me show you why that's not quite the case.

An office paper shredder is going to shred roughly 35-50 pieces of paper per minute. Imagine all of those full boxes from each employee.. that's going to take at least 3-4 hours, and that's for a small company of 6-10 employees! If you're paying this employee minimum wage ($7.25), that is going to cost $29 for 4 hours of shredding at minimum. Now let's look at some of the risks of having an employee shred your confidential documents:

  • risk of information breach

  • risk of some documents not being shredded

  • papers shredded in office shredders are able to be pieced back together

Contact Embassy RMS today to get a free quote for secure, confidential document destruction!

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