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Spring Cleaning

Across the nation, students are celebrating their Spring Break this week (or sometime soon). You deserve a break too, and so do your filing cabinets! Let's chat about spring cleaning and what that means for your documents.

Physical Documents

No one likes clutter, so why keep around extra documents? I know when I'm in a rush to get somewhere, I'll often stuff papers in my car or in my purse and forget about them! This week, let's all vow to go through our purses, cars, and desks to get rid of extra papers, whether that be sticky notes or outdated confidential documents. And when it's time to shred all of that, give us a call!

Electronic Documents

Keeping important files on your computer is a great way to promote security and support the environment, but do you really need all of those documents? I encourage you to organize your documents into detailed and specific folders, it's okay to have a lot! Then you can organize them into paths. For example school documents could be organized into School>Spring Semester 2018>Class Name. Then each file is easy to find and will no longer be cluttering up your desktop. Take this time to examine each file and decide if you really still need to keep it. Documents from past semesters or jobs that are not related to what you are currently doing most likely do not need to be kept.

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