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Managing Media

Our society is becoming increasingly web and media-based. With new advancements being made in cyber security daily, you might think that your information is safe on your computer or phone.....but is it?? What happens to your data when you replace or get rid of your devices? Let's examine your media management practices and see where you stand.

First of all, your company should always have best practices in place for all media management and disposal. Especially if you are a small business, putting this into practice is essential and will save everyone a lot of grief down the road.

Next, take a look at what happens to retired devices. Storing them puts you and your business at a monstrous risk for a data breach. After a device has fulfilled its duty, it should be destroyed. Another consideration with this is to see if your old devices are being recycled. While this is good for mother earth, it puts you at risk since recycling plants do not destroy the devices before recycling them. Need some data destroyed?? Call this number: 800-717-1443!!

Finally, it is essential to ensure that your company is following any and all retention policies related to your industry. Stay legal people!! Many retention policies require a proof of destruction (we can provide that).

Did I stress you out? We'll take care of everything. Just call us at 800-717-1443 or email and then call your masseuse and schedule a massage or something, because we've got your media managed.

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