Data Security For New Employees

As new graduates enter the workforce and students intern for the summer, now is a great time to update your company policies for data security training for new employees. Let's go through some risks and best practices for data security.

Email Risks

New employees often get a large influx of emails at the beginning of their employment from different departments where they may not know the sender. This period of time is a great risk for email data breach that can occur from employees opening an email from an unknown sender and opening any links in it. In order to avoid this, make sure that your new employees know who will be sending them emails and which departments will be in contact with them.


Password security is one of the greatest risks for anyone, but especially new employees when they are first given new email and other accounts. Make sure that any and all new employees are setting up secure passwords and storing them in a secure place.

In addition to these risk negators, make sure to inform employees about any and all data protocols.