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Web Safety

As a millennial/gen z cusper, I like to think that I know how to avoid scams on the internet that could result in my identity or information being stolen or compromised. However, older generations did not grow up with the internet and were not trained to avoid sketchy links and other red flags. So today, I'm going to give you a few things to look for that could lead to a scam or potential identity theft.

Check Your Links. When you're scrolling through Facebook or through your emails and see an ad or a link to a "great deal", always consider the company name and google them. This may be overkill, but I will almost NEVER click on the link from Facebook. I will google the company and find the product through their main website.

Be Wary With Emails. One great thing that you can do to avoid your information from being stolen is to not open emails from people that you do not know or from emails that seem too good to be true based on the subject line. For example, if the subject line of an email is "YOU'VE WON A 5 NIGHT CRUISE CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE", you more than likely did not win that cruise and you definitely should not click there, because the only "prize" that you'll be claiming is identity theft. By leaving these unopened or deleting them, you are keeping your bank account and financial information safe!

Do NOT Click on Ads. When you're surfing the web, never click on an ad that's on another website. Just assume that it is a scam.

Say No To Sketchy Websites. I have a rule that if I wouldn't cite a website in a paper, then I don't need to be on it. Websites that are underdeveloped or outdated tend to be on the sketchy side and could possibly lead to a scam. I'm not saying that every website that still uses Word Art in their logo is a scam, but I'm also not saying that they aren't a scam.

As we go into our week, let's all be careful about what we click on. Bad websites, emails, and links can lead to viruses on your computer, credit card fraud, or even identity theft. Good luck.

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