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Killing Spiders: Yay or Nay

We've been having a debate in the office this week on whether or not spiders found indoors should be killed. I think that we can all agree that any spider that is outside is where it belongs and should not be visciously murdered. If it's in your way, just shoo it away. BUT what if the monster is inside? At the Embassy offices, I (Shelby) always always always have to have Jared kill the spiders. They freak me out and I just don't enjoy their presence in my office. Well on Friday, I saw a spider and Jared asked me if I really wanted the spider dead since it wasn't going to hurt me (not guaranteed) and I said "duh". Logically I knew that this spider was not going to harm me, but I didn't want it close to me! But then we were reading some articles about how really there are only a couple of species of spider that can hurt us. Don't get me wrong, they're still very creepy and I still will always avoid them at all cost, but as long as it is not physically on me or hurting anybody, I'm going to do my best to not kill the things.

What are your thoughts on this? My struggle comes when the spider is inside... how do you get it outside when it's a gross arachnid? What are some good methods that y'all have found for moving spiders? Email me your ideas and suggestions to (please do not send spider pictures, that's not cool).

I did some research on this to find out what it is that attracts spiders indoors and here is what I found. Spiders are not attracted to indoor light, but their prey are. So in order to cut back on a spider population indoors, it is important to have regular pest control sprays for insects and to keep your house clean and tidy. Insects and spiders are both seeking food and shelter in a building, so keeping surfaces free of food crumbs and the house clutter free, you are taking away both the food and shelter that they are seeking. Another food source and attractant for spiders is going to be household garbage, so be sure to take it out to the bin as soon as the bag is full and always put your bin out on trash day! If you're like me and are super into essential oils (email me, we can be besties), try spriting corners and dark areas where spiders like to stay with peppermint, tea tree, citrus, or eucalyptus oil! For my anti-essential oil people, try spraying those same areas of the house with a little bit of vinegar (you can also kill a spider by spraying it with vinegar). In preparation for fall and winter when the weather gets colder and spiders seek the heat of a house, you should consider having your pest control company to come and spray the outside of the house. This is also a great time to check siding for holes and cracks where the creepy crawlies could get in.

Freaked out by spiders? Check out this cute video!

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