Switching Records Storage Providers

We have a large amount of clients who have transferred their records storage provider from another company to us. The process for transferring storage is fairly simple, but I wanted to review it with all of you for your reference.

  • Send an email to your current company requesting a full inventory in excel spreadsheet format.

  • Send an email to your current company explaining that you will no longer be utilizing their services.

  • Embassy RMS contacts old company to set up the transfer of boxes (we will pick the boxes up from their facility).

  • Embassy RMS barcodes boxes with new barcode and scans them into system with old reference code, which lines up with the inventory spreadsheet from the old company.

  • Embassy RMS double checks the accuracy of reference scan.

  • Embassy RMS puts boxes up onto shelves in secure warehouse and scans each box to its new location.

  • You can request boxes or files in the online client portal!

If you have any questions about records storage or if you would like to set up a transfer of records to our facility, give us a call at (800) 717-1443 or email us at info@embassyrms.com!