Whether it's just your plastic water bottles and junk mail, or you religiously recycle, you are helping our planet! We only have one Earth, so why wouldn't we do everything in our power to save it and protect it? The simplest way to do this is to recycle. Now I don't recycle everything that I should (I know, it's bad. I'm getting better!!), but I like to keep an empty box next to my kitchen trashcan to place my recyclables in. That's what I have found works best for me, since I produce most of my waste in the kitchen. For some, it may be in the office or in a couple of places around the house, but my challenge for everyone this week is to put a box or extra trashcan in one room of your home or office and collect as many recyclables as possible! And then at the end of the week, place that box (or just empty it) into your recycling bin! This is my lazy hack to not have to walk to the bin every time I have a piece of paper to get rid of.