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How to Keep Your Identity Safe

Do you receive bills for purchases that you didn't make, receive calls from debt collectors, or even worse, have you been denied for a financial loan? If you answered yes to any of these you may be the victim of identity theft.

Did you know that children are even vulnerable to identity theft and most will not know they were a victim until they apply for a loan as an adult? With several different types of identity theft committed daily, it is important to stay vigilant and take precautions to keep personal data safe. Victims of identity theft spend money and time trying to repair their credit and their good name.

How to protect your identity

1. Keep your social security card and other personal information in a secure location

2. Collect mail daily and freeze delivery if you will be away for an extended period of time.

3. Pay attention to billing statements for unknown charges.

4. Do not give personal information out to just anyone. (Birthday, SSN, Account Numbers)

5. Utilize security features on your mobile devices.

6. Keep security software up to date on all computers

7. Shred receipts, credit offers, account statements, and expired credit cards, to prevent “dumpster divers” from getting your personal information.

8. Review credit reports once a year to check for accounts that you did not open.

Report Identity Theft online at or by phone (877) 438-4338. For more information about Identity Theft visit

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