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Dumpster Diving and Your Identity

Today everything we do seems to revolve around technology so it's a no brainer to take precautions to keep our identity safe, but did you know that your trash is a hot spot for thieves as well? Over 4 million tons of junk mail is delivered to Americans each year and most of it contains personal information that makes it relatively easy for someone to steal your identity.

These thieves, also known as dumpster divers, are looking for personal information such as:

Pre-approved credit card offers Street address Social Security numbers Email address Telephone numbers Employment history Bank account information

Once they have this information they use it to commit several types of crimes such as:

Identity theft Bank fraud Employment-related fraud Loan Fraud Tax Fraud Benefits Fraud

So how can we prevent dumpster divers from using our trash against us?

Shred your mail. It seems like an easy step but a lot of times we only shred bank statements and bills but shredding your junk mail is just as important. This prevents thieves from opening a pre-approved credit card or life insurance policy in your name. Take time to separate shredded documents and cut up credit cards into different bags after shredding or you can dispose of the pieces at different times. This may seem mundane or time-consuming but thieves are patient and willing to piece together shredded documents in order to get your information. Shredding is a simple habit that can save you time and money. To learn more about our shredding services email us at

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