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Shred It and Forget It: Six Reasons Shredding Can Benefit Your Business

Keeping client information secure is essential for the success of your business. Security is one of the top reasons it is important for your business to have a shredding system in place. This ensures that confidential information is destroyed appropriately and in a timely manner. Here are just a few more reasons having a shredding plan in place will benefit your business.

It's the Law

Confidential records such as medical records, employee salary records, and personal address details are required by the Data Protection Act to be disposed of in a manner that will keep people's information safe. These records should be shredded before disposal in order to keep them safe.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming a common crime among criminals. Criminals are digging through trash looking for information such as social security numbers and addresses in order to steal a person's identity. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 158 million social security numbers were exposed in 2017.

Save Money by Saving Space

If your company has been in business for many years chances are that you have a multitude of documents taking up space. By shredding old files you can free up space to use in a more efficient and income producing manner.

Save Time

Which sounds more efficient: tearing papers into shreds by hand or having your documents picked up by a reliable shredding company? Embassy RMS provides onsite shredding as well as plant-based shredding at our secure facility. This not only saves your business time but also ensures that your documents are properly destroyed.

Keep Your Business Data Confidential

Keep business plans, notes, and other business/employee related information from falling into the hands of your competition.

Ensure Consumer Trust

Potential clients will do their leg work before using your business and chances are that if they if they see data breach on your record they will turn and run. Clients need to know that your business will protect their identity like it is your own. Do not let a data breach tarnish your reputation and success.

Embassy RMS provides NAID AAA Certified shredding services for businesses across Texas. We customize a shredding and destruction solution to fit your needs and guarantee the secure destruction of your documents to protect you from identity theft and business fraud. Our state-of-the-art NAID Certified destruction equipment shreds your information into unrecognizable particles which are then recycled.

For more information about our shredding services email us at or click here.

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