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Four reasons not to shred your own documents - Embassy RMS

A common misconception is that companies believe do-it-yourself in-house shredding is the most cost effective way to shred documents. However, believing these misconceptions increases security risks and costs more. Here are four reasons why you should hire Embassy RMS to shred your confidential documents:

  1. Cost. An in-house shredding machine includes upfront costs to purchase the machine and continuous maintenance fees.

  2. Time. Manually shredding documents is extremely time consuming, as employees must remove staples and paper clips, and feed the machine in small stacks to prevent paper jams. Once shredding is complete, employees must also empty the trash receptacles and clean up their work space.

  3. Employee Productivity. Not only is in-house shredding time consuming, but it also takes employees away from their main tasks. Having employees shred documents increases chances of error, takes away time from their core responsibilities, and decreases productivity.

  4. Confidentiality Risk. Employees who are not properly trained on best practices to handle confidential documents increase the risk of data breach. In addition, some in-house shredders produce strips large enough to be reconstructed.

We are the trusted local paper shredding company in Central Texas.

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