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November 19, 2019


Computers, hard drives, and media hold a large amounts of confidential information. In order to ensure that you information is kept secure, it is essential that your media gets properly destroyed. Here are four reasons why throwing away your hard drive is a security threat:

  1. Data exists indefinitely. When a file is deleted from a hard drive the data still exists on the hard drive and that’s even after you empty the file from the recycle bin. Data can still be recovered even if you wipe your hard drive. 

  2. Unrecoverable doesn’t matter. No matter how old or broken down computer hardware is, data files remain and software exists that can recover them. 

  3. Recycling doesn’t focus on security. According to NAID, recycled IT equipment is supposed to go to a qualified service provider specializing in secure data destruction. 

  4. Proof of destruction is necessary. A professional document destruction company will issue a Certificate of Destruction after every shred. This official document ensures data is destroyed. 

Embassy provides secure media and hard drive destruction services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. The materials are permanently destroyed and non-recoverable. A certificate of destruction is available for this service. These services are available for a wide range of products including the following: Disks, DVDs, backup tapes, film, photos, badges, pill bottles, credit cards, video tapes, CDs, hard drives, counterfeit products, floppy disk, mother boards, and many additional items.


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