Don't toss confidential documents in the recycling bin! - Embassy RMS

To de-clutter the office, employees should routinely go through items in their work areas to determine what can be stored, recycled, or securely destroyed. However, confidential documents must be destroyed before they are sent for recycling. Documents with confidential information should never be put intact into a recycling bin!

Here are three reasons why a secure document destruction process is critical.

Insiders: Documents that are no longer needed should be deposited into locked, shredding containers provided by a shredding company to prevent an internal breach of information. Partnering with a certified third party for secure document destruction limits the amount and extent to which insiders would have access to confidential data.

Dumpster divers: If intact documents end up in outdoor dumpsters, the risk of a data breach increases. A secure document destruction process through a certified third party keeps confidential information out of dumpsters altogether.

Data in transit: Unfortunately, traditional recycling is not governed by information security protocols. However, using a third party that is NAID certified ensures the process of data destruction before recycling must include secure collection, storage, transport, destruction, and disposal of materials. Embassy RMS also has employee screening, monitoring, access control, and audit trails.

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