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Who is the best one-time shredding service company?

The best One Time Shredding Service in Waco TX
One time shredding service is the no hassle way to protect your data.

We all know of a person or business that has had some form of their banking or credit card information compromised. Bottom line is we find out when it is too late. What happens to you if you are a victim? Yes, of course, there is an immediate cash or credit removal from your account(s). Most credit card companies and banking institutions have insurance for financial fraud. What many victims don’t consider is their credit score. Credit scores affect every major purchase in your lifetime. Huge ramifications between having a 640 score compare to a score over 800 when purchasing a vehicle or a home. Life lock is a great company to help with any identity theft concerns. You can make it very easy on identity thieves by not disposing of confidential documents in the proper fashion. Yes, I’m referring to a secure local paper shredding service company. Most larger businesses already utilize a paper shredding service company. Some residences utilize a paper shredding service or a one-time shredding service. Let’s discuss why a one time paper shredding service might be right for your business shredding or home office shredding needs.

So…..what exactly is a one-time shredding service? How to schedule a one-time shredding service?

In a nutshell it is scheduling and disposing of sensitive or confidential business documents in a safe manner. One time shredding service is the perfect option for annual or semi-annual paper shredding purges. What does a one time shredding service accomplish? It allows you to have a professional shredding company service take care of the paper shredding for you alleviating time at a personal home shredder and identity theft.

Pros/ Cons for using a one time shredding service.

A one time shredding service is by far the most economical shredding service around. Why waste hour after hour sitting over a home shredder feeding 3-5 pages at a time. Eventually you are wondering how to repair a home shredder. Eventually that home office shredder is going to break down. You never have to grease or oil any parts. No maintenance required if using a one time shredding company service. Our onsite shred service comes with a certificate of destruction once the documents have been shredded. Another advantage is that we recycle all of our document shredding. Every fiber is green recycled. Cons…..can’t think of one 😊

How to repair a home office shredder
Repair a home shredder.

How to set up a one time shredding service.

This is the easiest step of all. Just call our Waco Texas office or our College Station Texas office and we will get you on the schedule. Let the shredding company know how many boxes you have to be shredded or medical files that need to be shredded. We are the most trusted local shredding company in Waco, TX. Once we arrive, we will dolly all of your files, file boxes, or loose confidential papers for shredding and shred it on-site with one of our mobile on site shred tech shred trucks.



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