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fundraiser ideas for nonprofits

Is your business in need of a fundraiser idea? Embassy RMS has partnered with numerous non-profits to assist them with a free shredding event for their patrons as a great fundraiser idea. Embassy’s free shredding events are typically hosted from 9-12 and are great for giving back. 100% of the shredded material is recycled.

fundraiser ideas for nonprofits
fundraiser ideas for schools

What is a good fundraiser for a nonprofit organization?

By setting up your fundraiser with us you make a positive impact on your local community and most importantly, the environment. Embassy can help with your fundraiser ideas for your next event planning. We have cheap shredding services and using our on-site mobile shredding truck can make an impact by giving back.

You can also partner with your givers to “fill the container.” We can drop off multiple shredding containers to your office and have your patrons or members fill up the shredding bin for a “donation fee.” You just call us when it fills up and we will come out and swap the shred container for an empty one so you can accept more donations for the next fill up.

What fundraising events make the most money?

Our most popular shredding event is a free mobile drive-thru shredding event. We come out with our on-site shred truck and you invite any and all to bring shred for a donation fee predetermined by your office. Your entity will keep all donations for the shredding event.

Embassy Shredding is a locally owned Texas based HUB certified shredding company. We are deep rooted in Texas and have the track record to back up our pinnacle customer service levels. We truly build relationships with all of our customers. We are an AAA NAID certified shredding service that provides on-site and off-site shredding services.

What is the most cost-effective way to shred documents? Using a secure shredding service can oftentimes save you time and money. At home shredders are slow and oftentimes will overheat. Our mobile shred truck can shred around 200 lbs. of confidential paper in under 2.5 minutes.


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