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How much does it cost to shred documents?

While that may seem like a simple question, there’s no easy answer. How much it costs to shred documents will depend on the type of shredding service you choose.

In this article, we’ll explain the different options so you can confidently choose the right shredding service for you. We’ll also help you save money and minimize your security and privacy risks.

How much for shredding services?

free shredding servic
Cheap Shredding Service

Documents can be shredded in many different ways, and each option varies a little depending on what types of documents and quantities you have.

Several of these options may include:

1. per-box pricing

2. per-pound shred pricing

3. one-time service vs a recurring shredding arrangement

4. onsite shredding vs offsite shredding

Most big office shredding options charge around $1-1.15 per pound. Embassy charges around $.25 per pound depending on your location.

Many of our clients choose our one-time shredding option where we deliver a shed bin to your home or residence then do a shred pick up once you have filled the container up.

If you are a larger business you might want to consider hosting a free shred event for your customers or the community. The rate for free shredding events depends on what you are wanting but hosting a free shred event starts around $500.

A good way to save money on shredding documents:

To be sure you’re using the most cost-effective shredding service, you need to consider things such as:

How many documents do you need to shred. What is the quantity?

How frequently are you needing a shredding service? Will you repeat your shredding service usage monthly or just need a one time shredding service?

These factors will determine how much it will cost to shred your documents and what your best option will be, whether that’s:

  • Utilizing an on-site shredding service or having a shredding company pick up those papers at your home or business.

  • Do you want to pay for bulk shredding by the box depending on quantity or contact a shredding service company that weighs the boxes and charges by the pound.

You can:

  • Contact a walk-in drop-off service

  • Set up a regular monthly pickup

  • Arrange for a one-time service.

As I mentioned earlier, various paper shredding options and services are available.

A banker box usually weighs about 28lbs, and so with the national average cost being $.99 per pound it will cost about $30 to shred the documents inside. (But remember in mind that it’s almost half that at Embassy Records Management.)

For larger quantities you can choose to pay per box. Apart from the cost per box decreasing as the number of boxes increases, it works in a very similar way to per-pound shredding.

Compared to one-time services, booking a recurring shredding service can be a cheaper way to safely dispose of your sensitive documents. You’ll generally pay a lower monthly fee while also protecting your customer and business information. You’ll also save on travel and fuel costs if you don’t need to take your shredding offsite.

How much it costs to shred documents will also depend on whether the shredding company comes to you (onsite shredding) or you go to them (offsite shredding).

Onsite shredding is when the company sends a truck and everything is shred right there.

Off-site shredding is when the shred company takes it to their office to securely shred it.

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