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Password Protection Tips- Password Hygiene

Password hygiene is a relatively newer concept in the business world. What is password hygiene? Password hygiene is a concept developed by businesses to thwart identity theft or data breaches. Most proponents of password hygiene suggest using made up words as opposed to actual words in conjunction with symbols and numbers etc. Additionally passwords should be altered every quarter at the least.

Paper shredding service near me
Password protection apps keep those passwords safe

2. Keeper

Many employees have a hard time keeping up with all of their passwords and leave password sensitive material on sticky notes on their monitor. This is definitely not recommended. Use a paper shredding service to destroy all those little bits of confidential information. If old school is your thing just keep them all in a locking drawer in your desk. Many of the password protection apps use a two-factor authentication process. This typically requires another code such as a numeric code sent to a mobile device while attempting to login. I personally use LastPass and it is fantastic. If you combine this technology with a secure paper shredding service it will greatly reduce the risk of identity theft.

What about the non electronic data in your office? This is a no brainer and this is what Embassy does best. Simply stated, we shred paper (& ewaste like hard drive destruction). We recommend a local paper shredding service that provides a recurring scheduled shredding service. There are other options such as burning paper or using a home shredder. All are viable but not cost effective or time efficient. You can drop off shred service or we can pick up paper shredding at your house or office. We also offer paper shredding service and drop off shredding service in Central Texas. Trust a local paper shredding company like ERMS.

In a professional business environment what are the real data breach thefts? Have you considered the customer information. Credit card information on file? Employee health documents or employee new hire paperwork. All of these items need to be password protected if imaged in. Are these items stored on hard drives or flash drives or on a local C drive?

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