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Benefits of utilizing a Secure Shredding Drop off Location.

Who on your team is working remotely? What are the potential data breach risks associated with at-home employees?

Prior to the pandemic we were all (or most of us) at the office doing the normal day to day. This is no longer the norm and will continue to be the new norm until we all feel safe enough for everyone to return. Thankfully the vaccines have rolled out for almost all of us. Some office settings will forever change because of the pandemic. One major question relates to data in the home. Computer data, hard copy paper data, etc. How is it being handled in the new norm? Most businesses have a NAID certified paper shredding company that provides on call shred service or recurring shred service or mobile onsite truck shredding. They provide secure locking shred containers for the office but what about the remote employees now working out of their home?

What are they doing with the papers or documents that would normally be placed in a secure locked shred container? Are they throwing confidential material in the trash? Are they taking the shred back to their office to drop off occasionally? Are they shredding it with a personal home shredder in their home office?

A secure shred drop off location will keep those papers that need to be shredded safe.
Free yourself of the clutter and use a secure shredding drop off service

Have you or your team considered using a secure shredding drop off service?

Let Embassy Records Management and Storage do the work for your employees. Hours and hours are wasted if your employee is sitting at a home shredder and shredding 4 sheets of paper at a time. Let them be more productive and utilize our shred drop off service. No appointment necessary. Just show up at our document shredding facility and drop off. We do all the paper shredding for you. The shred drop off takes just minutes as opposed to hours of your employees wasting over a home shredder. Paper and physical documents are accepted in any form. A drop off service is the easiest way to get secure data destroyed quickly and efficiently. We can also destroy those old hard drives as well as any type of electronic media including laptops and flash drives or external hard drives. You don’t want this sensitive information getting into the wrong persons hands. Utilizing our secure shred drop off service alleviates any liability for you or your employees. Drop off shredding is a simple, cheap, and secure way to have your papers and documents destroyed.

Some ask what types of business documents or papers need to be destroyed.

Anything that has protected health information needs to be shredded asap. Many times, this information is included in insurance files or medical records. Any medical files are always full of protected health information. We often will make copies of files to work on remotely at the home office. Now more than ever. If file copies are made then that data is now a potential breach waiting to happen. Just drop shred off at our location!

Business reports are important. Many business reports or metrics/ statistics have info contained in them that you would not want your competitors to get a hold of. Just secure shred drop off at our facility!

Another big one is anything that has customer information on it. Contracts need to be shredded once they are outdated. Any vendor records or purchase orders typically have sensitive and confidential information in them. Using a secure shred drop off location will help you to avoid any breach.

On the flip side what types of personal documents are good to shred?

How often do you receive bank statements or financial statements in the mail from Edward Jones or the like? I personally get tons of bank records in the mail. Banking account numbers are a data breach nightmare waiting to happen. Don’t ever throw any financial or bank statements in the garbage. Use an Embassy shred drop off site today!

Electronic media is growing and growing in our homes and businesses. These types of electronic media are just as dangerous as confidential paper in the wrong hands. Don’t let flash drives or hard drives get into the wrong hands. Most people don’t even consider electronic media as an item to shred. Our drop off shredding service is not limited to just confidential home office paper documents. We will shred those hard drives and laptops as well. Hard drive destruction and hard drive shredding is a must for any home computer or business computer.

Shred drop off confidential and secure in place of home shredder.
Use our shred drop off service for those financial statements and bank records.

Prevent any potential data breach by using Embassy Records Management and Storage and our residential secure drop off shredding service.

Make sure your employees know what the protocols are for paper shredding in the home or away from the office. They may not think of the consequences of a data breach due to their negligence. Utilizing a residential drop off service will assure your firm that your papers will remain safe and secure. We now offer contact-less paying at both of our shred locations.

We are the trusted local paper shredding company in Central Texas.

Our Waco, TX address is 2100 Webster Ave. Waco, TX 76706. (254) 662-2505

Our College Station, TX location is at 6936 Old Jones Rd. College Station, TX 77845. (800) 717-1443

Our Round Rock, TX location is at 1000 Heritage Center Circle Road. Suite 363. Round Rock, TX 78664. (512) 466-2260

Our Conroe, TX location is at 2040 N Loop 336 W Suite 127, Conroe, TX 77304 (979) 776-3500


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