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The evolution of paper shredding companies.

This is the story of the evolution of the paper shredder.

This is a brief synopsis of how the paper shredder and paper shredding evolved. Quite an interesting historical story in my opinion. The history of paper shredding is really quite unique. As you search for a paper shredding company near you, have you every questioned it’s origination? My, oh my, how paper shredding services have changed over the past century.

Paper shredding company's dating back to 1939.
Early German Paper Shredding Machine

The first patented paper shredder

As I began my research on the first paper shredding machine, I was under the impression that paper shredding was a relatively new technology. I had no idea that the original paper shredding company dates back to 1909. Crazy right? I figured they would just burn it back in those days as opposed to paper shredding. The gentleman who invented and patented the first paper shredding machine and company unfortunately passed away before his paper shredder was in full production.

Other milestones in paper shredding

Neat fact about a German inventor and publisher named Adolf Ehinger. This gentleman was essentially a small motor repairman. What is neat about this gentleman is that in his free time he printed anti-Nazi propaganda. He knew that if he was ever caught, he would be executed so he came up with an idea taken from a past shredding service on a machine he worked on. He patented his own paper shredding machine around 1936 in Germany. He took his paper shredder invention to trade shows to generate paper shredding sales.

His paper shredding business really blossomed once the German government started using his technology. In 1959 his company created one of the first ever cross cut shredders.

Early paper shredders

Early paper shredders were large and expensive. They were also extremely heavy! As the paper shredding industry evolved the paper shredders became significantly smaller and faster and more efficient. Over time the paper shredder particle size became smaller and smaller.

Bulky and expensive paper shredding machine.
Early paper shredding machine for office use.

Today's personal home shredders

Fast forward to now and you can walk into any Wal-Mart and pick up a home paper shredder for personal use. These are typically cheaply made and have a short shelf life. Our paper shredding drop off service is secure and affordable. Free quotes available anytime. We shred credit cards and personal files. Paper shredding services are essential to minimize your confidential data exposure. Medical file and banking information is what the bad guys are after. Give us a call at 800-717-1443 anytime for a free quote for our paper shredding service. Local and affordable.

Paper shredding services keep your business safe. Paper shredding services keep your data safe. Paper shredding services alleviate liability. Use Embassy Records Management for a local paper shredding company. Serving the heart of Texas since 2013. Need paper drop off shredding service? Just show up and drop off your document shredding hassle free.

We are the trusted local paper shredding company in Central Texas.

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