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What is a certificate of destruction?

A certificate of destruction is a formal document or attachment sent to you via email that confirms you have had paper shredding or e-waste destroyed. It serves the purpose of compliance for any third party auditor related to the handling of confidential or secure data.

What is the purpose of a certificate of destruction?

The certificate of destruction is a confirmation that you utilized a third party service to completely destroy any or all documents/ paper or electronic waste at the end of their retention period. Many different types of businesses are audited on an annual basis and the certificate of destruction serves as a legal record of data compliance. This will almost always protect you from any state or federal laws that require a retention schedule for document shredding after a certain period.

One-time shredding service
Secure shredding Service Certificate of Destruction

What is listed on a certificate of destruction?

It includes:

· Transfer of custody designation. It states that documents or e-waste was turned over to Embassy RMS for secure destruction.

· A valid Embassy RMS work order to be referenced in any case of an audit

· It lists the specifics of what types of materials were destroyed and the date, time, and location of the Embassy location at which it was destroyed. In case of mobile on-site destruction, it will list the location in which everything was shredded on-site.

· It can also list any additional witnesses of the shredded material if requested by the client

Third party verification is the only way to be sure that your audit documentation can be used in case of an incident. In office shredding provides no date stamp or verification of what was shredded and when.

Embassy Records Management and Shredding Service offers an entire line of document management solutions geared for the home office or business office. Embassy is the most trusted local shredding service near you. You can drop off shredding at our secure shred warehouse or we can provide a shred pick up any time. Need mobile on-site shredding? We can help with that too.

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