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What is the best way to store data long term?

Hard copy documents are arguably the best way to store data long term. Unfortunately, these hard copy

document storage boxes are not always economical in comparison to electronic data storage solutions.

Back-up tape storage might last around 15-20 years. External hard drives should not be trusted for any

longer than 10 years if stored in a non humidity climate-controlled environment.

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The importance of data preservation

What types of data do you need to store long term. How long would you like (or need) to keep old

medical records or legal files. What about archival photo images that are personal. The answer varies

but many of our clients want to ensure their data is stored safely forever. This enables the next

generation to be able to access your important data for their records. Legal documents related to wills

or deeds are some of our clients most valued digital keepsakes.

The key to long term hard copy or digital storage is to locate a company that you can trust. This can

include cloud storage or hard drive storage. Ultimately, we recommend that all hard drive data be

replicated and or copied every ten years. Ultimately, they will fail and you are left in a really bad

situation if that is the case. Cloud storage is a great option but typically cloud storage can be made

accessible to hackers and malware. Independent drives (non cloud based) and hard copy documents are

the safest and most reliable forms of long term storage.

Data that is “offline” is referred to as cold storage. Hot storage is data that can be accessed via the

world wide web. Hackers and malware are consistently getting more difficult to protect from. Many

adversarial or corrupt governments around the world are privately funding hackers to promote their

fiscal dominance and agenda.

Embassy Records Management offers long term hard copy storage and digital data solutions throughout

central Texas and beyond. Our fire proof media vaults allow your important data to be kept safe and


We are the most trusted safe site storage facility in central Texas. We also provide secure shredding

services and document scanning services upon request. Please give us a call today for a free quote.

Give us a call any time at 800-717-1443.

Our Waco, TX address is 2100 Webster Ave. Waco, TX 76706.

Our College Station, TX location is at 6936 Old Jones Rd. College Station, TX 77845.

Our Round Rock, TX location is at 1000 Heritage Center Circle Road Suite 363 Round Rock, TX 78664.

Our Conroe, TX location is at 2040 N Loop 336 W Suite 127, Conroe, TX 77304.

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