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Importance of Shredding

Why Shred?

If you are anything like me, then you are a huge TV/movie junkie. Lately I have been hooked on the show ‘Better Call Saul’. Maybe I was missing the life of Walter White AKA Heisenberg, so I wanted to give the show a chance.

The series is about how Saul Goodman turns himself into an up-and-coming lawyer. His big break came when he was rifling through trash at business. While digging through the trash, he took all the company bags of shredded paper, reassembled the shreds, and was left with something tremendously important—a document suggesting the company’s crimes were bigger than he ever would have imagined.

One would think digging through trash is just something done on TV and illegal, but actually the 4th Amendment doesn’t bar nosy neighbors or lawyers from snooping in trash. When you put a piece of paper in the trash it is hard to know what is actually going to happen to that paper. So you need to make sure anything important is properly shredded.

The most important way to safeguard personal information is to shred it, but also know what is going to happen to the shredded paper after. Embassy Records Management and Storage has a range of paper shredding services, to meet your needs to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated information for businesses and residential customers securely. After shredding Embassy RMS bales the shreds for recycling, keeping things safe and green.

With the average personal or business data breach costing thousands to millions, don’t take the chance that important documents will end up with someone unexpected.

Business Shredding

Human Resources and Accounts

  • Salary information

  • Personal data

  • Financial reports

  • Budget information


  • Production methods

  • Product specifications

  • Designs and drawings

Saul snooping around the garbage bins to find his prized shredded evidence.

  • Material costs

Sales and Marketing

  • Customer information

  • Competitor information

  • Market information

  • New product development ideas

  • Market research plans/results

  • Sales forecast

Personal Shredding

  • Bank statements

  • Credit card slips

  • Utility bills

  • Mobile phone bills

  • Purchase receipts

  • Cash point receipts

  • Even junk mail—anything that contains your name and address

Be safe, shred it the right way!

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