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How does offsite records storage work?

Do you have confidential records boxed up and stored away in an office or storage unit? If so, you should seriously consider utilizing a confidential records storage facility. Customers who switch from managing their own records to our services typically see a savings of over 50% from storage and labor cost. This is because with document storage services you only pay for the amount of boxes that you have in storage. The process is really simple and it starts with us delivering you storage boxes. You fill them up and call us when they are ready. We will transport them to our facility and you can easily request boxes or files at any time using our online client portal. The average price for this service is only .30 per box per month. There are so many wonderful features to using the client portal such as being able to easily pull data and generate inventory reports. Our favorite feature is the ability to set an expiration date so that when the records have met their retention period you receive a notification and can shred those files and no longer pay to store the ones that you do not need.

Confidential Records Storage

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