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Why Shredding is Important for Your Business

Ask most business owners why shredding is important for their business and the most common answer will be to prevent identity theft. While identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, it is not the only reason shredding is important. Let's take a minute to look at some of the top reasons your business should be taking this important step to protect itself.

1. Security: Internal memos, pay stubs, quotes, financial printouts, meeting notes, employee records, and many other documents can all be used against a company by its competitors. These documents could fall into the wrong hands when disposed of in a dumpster, or, even worse, a disgruntled employee could use them to become your biggest competitor. ​

2. Legal Reasons: With the increase in identity theft the government has developed laws to minimize the misuse of customer data by businesses, financial institutions, and medical offices. All employees at Embassy Records Management and Storage are HIPPA and NAID certified to ensure that your documents are disposed of according to state and government standards.

3. Profit: In business, time is a valuable commodity that should be spent on income producing activities instead of shredding stacks of sensitive materal. Embassy Records Management has several options for your business ranging from onsite disposal to picking up your records and disposing of them at our secure facility. After destruction all materials are recycled.

For more information about document disposal contact us at (800) 717-1443 or by email at

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