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Finding the Right Records Storage Facility

Deciding to have your records and other confidential documents stored at an offsite facility can help safeguard your company, comply with privacy regulations, and save costs. Making the decision to go with an off-site records management company can save you a lot of headaches, but finding the right fit for your business is a big decision. The right fit varies from business to business but the steps to finding a reputable records management company are all the same. There is a lot to consider when searching for a records management company so we want to help you get started with some of the top criteria.

1. Get to know the company and its mission. How long have they been in business and what do you know about their business practices? Do they have a reputation for being a trustworthy company? Ask the vendor if they are members of any industry-recognized associations. Even better, get these answers while taking a tour of the facility.

2. What security measures are taken to keep your records safe? A professional offsite storage provider will have advanced security measures at their facilities, such as intrusion alarms, monitoring systems, and physical access controls. Employees need to be screened before hire and then fully trained on all security procedures and protocols.

3. How do you access your records? In today's fast-paced world you may need to access records at a moments notice. Will you have online access? Can they pull a record quickly if you need the original? Finding a storage facility with 24/7 access to your files is critical for your business.

4. What certifications does the company hold? Just like other industries, records management companies have laws and regulations that they must comply with. Be sure that the company you are looking into is up to date on all certifications to ensure the protection of your records.

These are just some of the questions that you should be asking when deciding on a records management company to store your confidential documents. At Embassy, we provide our customers with the highest quality of service while managing their sensitive information in the most efficient and effective manner. For more information about Embassy click here.

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