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Why should I shred my documents? - Embassy RMS

Paper shredding is essential to protect personal and company

confidential and sensitive information.

Confidential documents include bills, financial statements, marketing plans, employee information, and packages delivered through the mail. Individuals, government offices, non-commercial organizations, large corporations, and small businesses all utilize shredding machines to finely cut and recycle confidential documents. Below are four key reasons to shred documents:

  1. It’s the law! The United States government created laws to protect our personal information.There are severe financial and legal penalties for improper disposal of documents with sensitive and confidential content. Employers utilize paper shredding services to store confidential information for the required allotment of time in a warehouse and then have the company shred the documents once they are legally allowed to do so.

  2. It helps the environment! Once documents are shredded they are placed in machines called balers. Balers condense recyclable materials, like hay bales, and are secured with wires. These bales are sold to recycling plants to be reused.

  3. It prevents identity theft! Identity theft cases are extremely common, especially when databases are breached on the Internet. It’s recommended that you take as many precautionary steps as possible, individually or as a company, to shred any personal information to avoid identity theft and fraud.

  4. Reduce clutter! Offices need to have streamlined systems to keep essential documents organized. At Embassy RMS we provide you barcodes and boxes (or you can use your own boxes) and you enter keywords in our data base for each box. Our staff will collect the boxes and scan them to a corresponding shelf at our storage facility. Once the barcode is cross referenced with the contents you described, you can search, locate, and request services 24/7. The client portal provides detailed inventory reports and you can set up expiration dates for specific boxes. Additionally, when the box has met its retention period you will receive a notification in the portal asking if you would like to destroy the documents or continue storing them. If at any point you need a document, notify us of the box you want and we will deliver it accordingly.

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