What happens to paper after it's shredded? - Embassy RMS

After paper is shredded from a large facility it is typically baled and stacked on pallets to be sold to a recycling plant to be processed and made into reusable material. There are a few steps to remove sensitive information from currently existing paper products before being reused for new print paper, newspaper, or boxes. Here are the steps in the recycling process:

  1. Chemical wash and heat. The bits of shredded paper are placed in large tubs to be chemically washed with heat.

  2. Next the broken down paper fibers are sifted through a screen to remove any remaining contaminants.

  3. After the paper is sifted, the paper fibers are washed and cleaned to strip all remaining ink.

  4. Once the paper is fully pulped, the paper can be bonded, dried, and reused to make new paper products.

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