Protecting information when an employee leaves - Embassy RMS

When employees leave an organization it is critical to secure their information. Organizations often forget the importance of collecting and destroying the departing employee’s records, digital assets and other critical documentation. Since employee departures often come with little to no advance notice, an organization must be prepared to deal with the disposal of sensitive information at a moments notice.

Here is a step-by-step check list to ensure you are prepared:

  1. Collect all records: Human Resource departments must ensure that all documents and records are accounted for. Once these documents are collected, these items should be discarded by a professional shredding company.

  2. Organize all records: To remain compliant with government and industry requirements, remember to separate, label and store all documents accordingly.

  3. Mark for destruction: Mark the departure and destruction date on all boxes to ensure documents are destroyed as outlined by government and industry requirements.

  4. Destroy all digital data: It’s important to destroy hard drives and electronic devices. Even if you wipe old hard drives, there is still the risk that confidential information on those devices are not properly erased.

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