Keeping your records safe with Embassy RMS

How does Embassy RMS keep your records safe?

Businesses can quickly generate a lot of documents such as reports, financial records, sales reports and analysis, insights and marketing materials, and employee information. It is critical that this information does not get into the wrong hands, or be at risk of fires or floods.

Utilizing our document storage service at Embassy RMS is the best way to store valuable and confidential paperwork. Our storage service protects your valuable documents from physical risks, such as fire and flood, and adds an extra layer of protection to keep your sensitive data out of the hands of criminals.

Is document storage through Embassy RMS cost-effective?

Yes! First, you have to consider how much you may be paying to rent your office or business premises. If a large amount of your office space is taken up with the on-site storage of your files and paperwork, then you are not effectively utilizing the office space you are paying for. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the larger your company grows, the more paperwork it will generate – and the more space you will need to store it.

By using Embassy RMS’s storage service, you will be freeing up plenty of useable work space that can be repurposed for additional staff or more machinery and equipment needed for business expansion.

Is document storage effective for small businesses?

Yes! Since small businesses often work with very tight budgets, the cost of using an off document storage service can work out much cheaper than the cost of storing boxes and files in your own office.

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