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4 reasons to schedule a one-time shredding service - Embassy RMS

One-time shredding services are great for large volumes or periodic clean-ups. Our NAID certified employees arrive at your home or business and destroy your documents using our mobile shred vehicles in your presence, allowing you to witness the destruction process. We can also pick up the documents and bring them back to our secure plant-based shredding facility. Both of these services are NAID certified and after completion, you can receive a certificate of destruction. Here are four reasons to schedule a one-time shredding service today!

Old Electronics Pose Risks to Data Security

Keeping or recycling equipment increases the risk of a data breach because confidential data remains on hard drives. Secure destruction of your storage devices is the only way to ensure that all data is completely destroyed.

Unnecessary Documents Cause Clutter in the Workplace

Letting documents pile up means information cannot be found easily. A document management system will help, but it’s also important to cull documents regularly so you’re not keeping anything you don’t have to. A clean desk policy is one avenue to prevent clutter in the workplace. Decreasing clutter will also boost employee concentration and reduce stress.

Digital Clutter Hinders Computer Performance

Digital clutter can be one of the reasons why a hard drive isn’t operating at its best. Also, an overflowing inbox can make it difficult to navigate. Creating an electronic document management system will streamline efficiency for your employees.

Professional Shredding Companies Offer a Certificate of Destruction

Privacy laws and legislation dictate confidential data must be securely destroyed once it is no longer needed. A professional document destruction company will issue an official Certificate of Destruction after every shred whether paper documents are shredded or digital data is destroyed proving that you are following the privacy laws and enacted legislation.

We are the trusted local paper shredding company in Central Texas.

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