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Exciting your team about records management - Embassy RMS

Leaving records and information management (RIM) to status-quo levels must be an organization's top priority. Records and information management is growing due to the increasing amount of digital records and new regulatory requirements. Simultaneously, customer expectations have heightened and business performance levels have heightened, which means every minute spent searching for a record is a minute of productivity lost.

It’s time to develop a record and information management program that is legally defensible, compliant, and audit-proof. The first, most critical part of this process is gaining the support of your staff. To build a RIM program that your employees will support, begin with these three steps.

Collect feedback:

Ask departments across your organization about the types of records they manage or produce, their current record management procedures, and their technology “wish list” for improving the process and reducing their workload.

Build a committee:

Create a committee with representatives from each department to provide input on new procedures and training needs, bring up issues as they arise, and drive adoption of the program among their staff.

Build a partnership:

Research partners, who can assist with building an automatic system to ensure consistency in how metadata is applied to each record. The automatic system should include life cycle dates so records are marked for destruction when the retention term expires.

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