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Banker boxes are the best type of record storage boxes for offsite hard copy record storage.

Paige miracle standard letter legal size bankers boxes are perfect for hard copy offsite record storage.  Scan on demand services for file scanning.
Our standard bankers boxes are the best in the biz!

The absolute best way to store record boxes is by purchasing a standard letter/ legal size bankers box. Many ask why a bankers box is superior to let’s say the random size box you can pick up at Walmart or the UHaul store. The main reason is durability. A standard size bankers box is generally double walled and therefore significantly more durable than the cheaper alternatives.

Banker boxes are much easier to assemble than their counterparts.

No taping or gluing is required to put together a standard size bankers boxes. Several folds around the perforated cardboard lines and voila it is set up. Any bankers box purchased from Embassy Records Management and Storage is guaranteed for the life of the bankers box. Letter size boxes and legal size boxes are great too but also lack the durability and stack-ability of a standard size bankers box.

Structurally Sound and Sturdy Bankers boxes.

The typical dimensions of a standard bankers box is 12x10x15 (inches). Since they are double walled they are easily stack able. Typically you can stack at least five to six bankers boxes on another if you purchase a good quality bankers box.

Made from Recycled Cardboard and are environmentally friendly.

70% of the boxes we sell come from recycled material. These storage friendly bankers boxes are great for the home and office but what happens when you accumulate too many boxes to store at your home or office? In our opinion the best tool to utilize is a true document management team or company like Embassy Records Management and Storage. We store all your banker boxes cheaper than any offsite storage facility and 1000% more secure. Savings are typically around 30% if you store your confidential record storage boxes in our NAID certified secure record storage facility. If you want just the medical file or legal file etc. we can pull the file and scan in and email it to you via a secure encrypted email address. Our scan on demand file service is really appreciated by the majority of our banker box storage clients.

Embassy RMS can deliver those sturdy banker boxes to your front door. We don’t even charge for the delivery of the boxes. We just charge for the cost of the boxes if you fall in our shred service area. Offsite record storage is our business and we know how to provide the utmost levels of customer service. We are the record storage experts. We have a combined 47 years of record storage and paper shredding experience. If you need some of them shred then you can schedule a personal shred drop off at one of our shred company locations.

Are your records currently at Iron Mountain?

We have transitioned hundreds of great record storage customers from the evil empire. Give us a call and we can walk you through how to get a copy of your inventory and contract if applicable. All correspondence with them should be done via email. Their call centers are an abysmal waste of your valuable time. If you have ever called them then you know what we are referring to.

If you need help with offsite record storage we would love to partner with your business. We know our clients well unlike many other giants in the industry. Need some bankers boxes but want to try ours out first? No problem. Give us a call and we will deliver a couple bankers box to you for free if you are in our service area.

Retreive files.  Scan files.  Image files. Request banker boxes from Offsite storage.
Our secure password protected client portal for 24/7 hard copy storage description access.

We are the trusted local paper shredding company in Central Texas.

Our Waco, TX address is 2100 Webster Ave. Waco, TX 76706. (254) 662-2505

Our College Station, TX location is at 6936 Old Jones Rd. College Station, TX 77845. (800) 717-1443

Our Round Rock, TX location is at 1000 Heritage Center Circle Road. Suite 363. Round Rock, TX 78664. (512) 466-2260

Our Conroe, TX location is at 2040 N Loop 336 W Suite 127, Conroe, TX 77304 (979) 776-3500


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